Professional Grain

Professional grain

Safer. Greener. Cleaner.

We love clean warehouses, pest-free silos, and heathy grains. And we contribute to this by using the most efficient industrial fumigation techniques.

Grains Fumigation

For all types of grain storage facilities.

Pest control

Preventive and curative solutions against insects.


Ensuring the sanitary security of storage facilities.

Rodent control

Diagnosis, implementation of a plan, and extermination of rodents.

Professional fumigation services for:


Protect your crop with FumBun silo fumigation services!


We offer customized solutions tailored to the size, content, and specifications of your warehouse.

Grain storage warehouses

We offer customized plans to ensure your warehouse is efficiently protected.


With years of experience in the fumigation field, we offer top-notch services for protecting crops transported by train carriages.

FumBun App

Our services come with the FUMBUN app, which we offer free to all of our customers.

Because we know how important it is to monitor the 🌡️ temperature and 💦 humidity of stored grains.

This way, you will benefit from reports, recommendations, and constant assistance to minimize the risks of infestation.

The company's founder, Marius Dana, an agronomist by profession, is one of the best-trained fumigation experts in Romania at the present time.

Over his more than 20 years of professional experience, he has trained all of the company's employees, so that all teams are trained to the highest industry standards.

By working with FUMBUN, you can be sure that fumigation services have been provided with the appropriate attention, responsibility, and using the most suitable solutions for your needs.


Service quality

Environmental orientation

Quick intervention

Current technologies

Expert assistance

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