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Since 1998, the founders of FUMBUN have specialized in pest control. Today, we participate in global food security by protecting goods from insects, pests, and other predators of stored goods and food.


Agriangel Srl is one of the leading companies in the fumigation, phytosanitary and pest control sector in Romania, specializing in pesticide treatments (fumigation) of cereals, legumes, seeds, stored in silos, warehouses, depots or on ships in ports. 

The company uses patented systems and devices for all types of treatments of stored products and is actively present at the most important international conferences, congresses and exhibitions in the pest control sector.

The technical department has extensive experience, adding to this continuous training adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers.

We offer services with full guarantees in a wide range of market sectors, including: the food industry, factories, warehouses, silos, public areas and places (restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, theaters, churches, etc.).

Among the services we can offer our customers are:

Disinsection, disinfection, rat control, insect monitoring, quarantine and fumigation before shipment, degazation and release of Gas Free certificate, neutralization of residues and provision of equipment and safety testers for phosphine detection, consultancy, disinfection of silos, mills, warehouses, ships, barges, trucks, wagons, processing plants, other facilities, etc.

Top-class companies specialized in production, marketing and storage use our services.

Agriangel is accredited and a member of the most important global professional associations, being able to offer integrated high-quality services.

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